Baseball at UNC

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The following was taken from the May 1914 issue of the University of North Carolina Magazine, written by, McDaniel Lewis.

Next in importance to football at the University is baseball. This games, distinctly American, was played at times by the students immediately after the re-opening of the University in 1875. Baseball is it is today is a highly developed stage of an old game. At first the pitcher tossed the ball to the batter underhanded and with little speed. No one used a glove or mitt of any kind. As the game progressed, hard and curve balls became the style and this necessarily brought about the use of gloves.

The first inter-collegiate match games of baseball was played in the spring of 1884 with Bingham School as our opponent. We were victors in this game, which was played on our own grounds. Honorable J.M. Morehead (later governor of North Carolina) was captain of this team and Dr. Isaac Manning was third baseman. Other Carolina stars of the period of the eighties and early nineties were George Stevens, pitcher; Jesse Oldman, catcher; Sly Robertson, center fielder; and Ben Stanley, short stop, the greatest player Carolina produced. Our greatest rivals were Wake Forest, Virginia, and Trinity (Duke).