A New Ancestor – Gilbert

John Gilbert joined my family a few years ago. But little research has been done on this part of my family.

DEEDS OF GIFT: Wm Gainey & Levi Dudley Sr to Levi Dudley Jr, Wm C. Dudley & Gainey Dudley for two negroes Hardy and Simon proved by John Benton. Elizabeth Torrans to Agnes Shine for a negro girl Fanny and her child Curtis proved by John Ingram. John Gilbert Sr to John Gilbert Jr, Martin Gilbert, & Sally Tew for household furniture, dishes, etc. proved by James Carraway.

The above is from the 17 Feb. 1829 Sampson Court Minutes. This was the first of my knowledge on a Gilbert connection. However the above listed deed was not listed in the Grantee-Grantor index. I have found the deed by looking in a book of February 1829 deeds, but have since lost the book and page number.

John Gilbert Jr. is listed in 1850 as born in 1789 and Sarah Tew was born 1781. And Martin Gilbert was found in Upson GA in 1850 and born in 1791.

GILBERT James Sampson 1 1 5 1752-1820

GILBERT John Sampson 1 3 4 John III

GILBERT John Sampson 1 John II

In 1790 John Gilbert I is still living. John Gilbert II is listed with 3 daughters. John Gilbert II I now list him as born in 1757 as he had 6 children in 1790. James is the son of John Gilbert I. John Gilbert I died c1793 and after 1790.

Tom Byrd’s map shows John Gilbert I in Timothy Quadrangle, and had patented in 1760, 200 acres of land. John is listed as John Gilbert Sr. This proves that John II was born before 1760. This proves that John I was born before 1740 and likely 1730. This matches good with John II being born c1757. The 200 acre track land was next to Jacob Holly.

In 1831 Martin Gilbert sold to Polly Hollingsworth 225 acres in four tracks for $225. It was not normal for a man to sell to a married woman at this time. Polly has to be Martin Gilbert’s sister. The one-hun­dred acre track was next to William Strickland land and the 50 acre track was next to Allen Jackson. A few days later, Polly sold this same land to John Gilbert Jr. for $225 and left no clue as to who might be Polly’s husband.

Excluded from the sell was ¼ acre grave yard where Martin’s mom and dad and sister were buried. I have been unable to identify the husband of Polly Hollingsworth.

I descend from Sarah Gilbert 1781-1865 who married 1802 Daniel Tew 1782-1860. Issue:

  1. Patience Tew, born 1804. M: Osborn Tew
  2. Jane Tew, born 1806 m: Jacob Strickland
  3. John Tew 1809 m: Eunice Blackman m:2
  4. Jincy Tew, born 1813 m: Jesse Wilson
  5. Sarah Tew, 1815-1869 NM
  6. Daniel Tew, 1817-1864 m: Isabell Fann
  7. Jeanette Tew, 1819- m: John Tew
  8. Jeanetta Tew, 1821-1854 m: Matthew Butler
  9. Wiley Tew 1823- m: Anna Jean Baggett

John Gilbert 1757-1830 married Mary Strickland* 1762-1828, most likely Mary was a child of William Strickland who lived nearby in 1760. Issue:

  1. Sarah Gilbert Tew 1781-1863
  2. Polly/Mary Gilbert Hollingsworth 1785-
  3. Sister 1787-
  4. John Gilbert Jr. 1789-1867
  5. Martin Gilbert 1791-1854 moved to Upson GA

The Carraway family of Sampson was connected to Gilbert family because their deeds mostly were ‑­­witnessed by Carraways.*Not proven.

Martin Gilbert sold out to his sister Polly Hollingsworth in 1831 and moved his family to Upson Georgia. Martin had married 1817 in NC to Rhoda Kinsey 1793-, the daughter of Daniel Kinsey. Issue:

  1. Nancy Gilbert 1818-
  2. Patience Gilbert 1822-
  3. Daniel Gilbert 1824-
  4. Cassander Gilbert 1828-
  5. Sarah Gilbert 1830-
  6. Rhoda Gilbert 1833-
  7. Mary Gilbert 1836-
  8. Wiley Gilbert 1838-

In a Bertie deed from John Gilbert and his wife Sarah to John Holley, dated 12 Feb 1725/26 (1735/36?), They gave land on the south side of Wiccacon Creek in Bertie County, NC, to “our son-in-law and son John Holley for love, Good Will, and Effection.” This consisted of 170 acres in two parcels — the first being 100 acres on Wickacon Creek that John Holley I bought from Richard Malpass in 1721, and the second being the 70 acres John Holley I bought from John Bush in 1722. [Bertie Co., NC, Deeds, Bk. D, p. 262]

This John Gilbert is most likely the Father of John Gilbert I in this essay. In the above account, a daughter to John Gilbert and Sarah ___ married John Holley.

In 1737, John Holley sold to Edward Tidmon the Bertie County land he got from his mother and stepfather John and Sarah Gilbert on 12 Feb 1725/6 (1735/6?). This land was on the south side of Wiccacon Creek in Chinkapen Neck and was described as “the land conveyed by (to?) John Holley, decd. by John Bush and Richard Malpass, dec’d. by their separate deeds joyning together.” [Bertie Co., NC, Deeds, Bk. E, p. 270]

GILBERT, John Jr., Private NC Militia, 4th N.C. Continental Line, Library of Congress # 90471: Soldier had several pay vouchers.

Soldier was born about 1757 to John Gilbert, Sr. of the Sampson County area. Several men from the old Duplin County area joined Capt. Charles Polk’s Company as he passed through on his march to Brunswick in March 1776 to keep the British from landing on the coast. John Gilbert’s name was on Polk’s roster. He enlisted in Capt. Ben Carter’s Company in the 4th N.C. Regiment on 19 March 1781 for 12 months service and his time out was 19 May 1782. On 2 Dec 1795, he received a military land warrant for 640 acres for 84 months service. It was taken by Col. Selby Harney. His final settlement voucher # 5028 was also taken by Selby Harney. This may have involved a debt or sale to Harney. In N.C. Army Accounts, Vol. V, Bk. W # 3, is 9/2/0 pounds and in Vol. VI, Bk. 23, pg. 103 is voucher due him 0/12/19 pounds.

Soldier died in Sampson County about 1829 and left the following children: 1 Salley (1780-1869) who married in 1803 to Daniel Tew (1782-1860). 2 Martin (1785-1854). And 3 John IV. (1789-1863) who married Susan ____ (1790-1860+).

What researchers online have posted.

  1. John/Robert Gilbert b. abt. 1482 Bridgewater, Somerset, Eng
  2. Robert Gilbert b. abt. 1509 Bridgewater, Somerset, Eng
  3. Giles Gilbert d. June 17, 1595 Bridgewater, Somerset, Eng
  4. John Gilbert, Gent b. Sep. 17, 1577 Bridgewater, Somerset, Eng d. Sep. 29, 1657 Tauton, MA
  5. Joseph Gilbert b. 1629 Eng d. aft 1680 probably Chowan Co., NC
  6. Thomas Gilbert b. bef. 1660 NC d. 1719 – 1720 Chowan Co., NC
  7. John Gilbert I b. 1685 Bertie Co., NC d. 1735 Bertie Co., NC
  8. John Gilbert II b. abt. 1703 Bertie Co., NC d. 1790 Sampson Co., NC
  9. John Gilbert III b. bef 1740 Sampson Co., NC d. 1827 – 1831 Sampson Co., NC
  10. Martin Gilbert b. Apr. 1, 1791Sampson Co., NC d. Aug 8, 1854, Upson Co., GA.

My comments:

  1. John Gilbert III had children 1781 to 1791 and he died 1830. John Gilbert II patented land in Duplin, later Sampson, in 1760. His name was recorded as John Gilbert Sr. If he was a Sr., then John Gilbert III was born by 1760. I put John Gilbert III born in 1757 and he was 24 when he started having children. In the RW book by Bizzell, they put John III as born in 1757.
  2. John Gilbert II is listed as born about 1703. This man patented land in Duplin in 1760. He would have had to be 21 or more for that event. His son John III was born in 1757. I put the YOB of John Gilbert II as about 1730. This puts John II at 27 years when John III was born. John II then was 30 when he patented land in 1760. John II died c1793 in Sampson. John II was alive in 1790 and if he died in 1793, that would make him 90 years old.
  3. I do not accept dates for John Gilbert I, as listed, as of now. I do not accept Thomas Gilbert and the other generations. Some of it maybe correct but I want to feel good about the connections. If the math does not work. It is time to do more work. There are lots of people named Gilbert and this makes it hard to make firm connections.
  4. The above James Gilbert is listed twice in Tom Byrd’s maps. In 1780 he patented 160 acres in south Newton Grove and in 1784 he patented 200 more acres nearby. He was the older brother of John III and born about 1752. James also was a RW soldier. He earned at least one pay voucher from the Wilmington District.
  5. A 1756 Sampson deed names John Gilbert Sr. and John Gilbert Jr. A 1759 deed list John Gilbert Jr. as a witness to a Sampson-Duplin deed. I have to admit that this is John Gilbert I and John Gilbert II. This John Sr. then would be alive in 1760. However I put his YOB at about 1700. I stick with about 1730 for John II.
  6. Abraham Gilbert is in a 1761 deed and he purchased some land from John Gilbert at 10 acres per pound. Abraham has to be born about 1735. Abraham is likely then a brother to John II. Abraham married Rhoda.
  7. Armager Hall d1811, had a daughter Keziah who married a Gilbert. James Gilbert lived next to Armager Hall in 1790. But the 1820c shows likely that James’ widow was named Ceily. Likely then Keziah Hall married John Gilbert 1757, but this is not proven.
Gilbert Coat of Arms

Gilbert Coat of Arms