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Sampson County Historical Society
Publications Available for Research

  • Sampson Co. Heritage Book (2 Vol Set) $90.00
    (Published 1984)***
  • Sampson Co. Heritage Book (Vol 11) $40.00
    (Published 2007- Family Histories)
  • Sampson Co. Court Minutes, 1784-1800 $38.00
  • Sampson Co. Court Minutes, 1800-1810 $38.00
  • Sampson Co. Court Minutes, 1810-1820 $38.00
  • Sampson Co. Court Minutes, 1820-1830 $38.00
  • Seventh Census – 1850-Sampson Co. N.C. $28.00
  • Eighth Census – 1860-Sampson Co. N.C. $28.00
  • Ninth Census 1870 – Sampson Co. N.C $28.00
  • Duplin/Sampson,NC – Revolutionary War $40.00
  • Five Civilized Indian Tribes of Eastern NC $15.00
  • Sampson County Child Life – 1870-1890 $15.00
    (O.J. Peterson – limited copies)

*** Sampson Co. Heritage Book is being reprinted.

Call if you are interested in ordering:
Nadine Strickland
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Due to increase in postage and mailings, membership payments will increase starting in 2015 to $20.This covers the period of Jan. through Dec. 2015 and includes a hard copy of The Huckleberry Historian Newsletter. The number by your name on your mailing label indicates the year you are paid through. If your dues have been prepaid for longer than 2015, we will honor your payment until your year for renewal again happens.

To simplify the membership records, we are no longer accepting payments except for the current year. Again this increase was necessary due to the increasing cost of printing and mailing.

Mail membership dues to Treasurer:
Nadine Strickland
2336 Honrine Rd.
Clinton, NC 28328

In order to keep book-keeping straight, please send separate checks when you are buying books and paying your yearly dues.

Nadine Strickland

To the Members of the Sampson County Historical Society:

I can’t believe that a new year, 2015 is now with us. So many possibilities and hopefully enough time to accomplish much is my wish for us all. That being said, I felt the need to write this letter to better introduce myself to those of our group who might not know me well. I volunteered to become the editor of the Huckleberry Historian in August, 2014. I was born and raised in upper Sampson County near Vanns Crossroads on my family’s farm. After graduating from Hobbton High School, I graduated from Campbell University in Elementary Education, then East Carolina with a masters in education. I have now retired after 31 years of teaching, primarily at Four Oaks Schools in Johnston County. I live near Newton Grove in the Bentonville township of Johnston County. Like most of you, I have a love of family history. The search, the mystery and the revelation of family is time consuming but so rewarding. My primary family names are Bass, Tew, Keen and Wrench. I am here to serve but I also need your help. Please submit articles, pictures to help this newspaper to continue in the style of Kent Wrench and those before him. I look forward to hearing from you. If you have ideas for a story or have written something yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy New Year to you all!
Debra Bass Westbrook