Believed to be Mary Burke Cooper Kerr


Picture found in the military records of Fred C. Kerr’s paternal great-grandfather, Algernon Hubbard Kerr, Sr.  The picture has no name or other identifying marks on it.  Believed to be a picture of Mary Burke Cooper Kerr, who became his wife.  The only visible clue in the picture is a pin (which appears to be a scouting pin) that she is wearing on her lapel.

Mary Burke Cooper Kerr was know to be very active in Girl Scouts in Red Springs, NC at the time they were married (December 25, 1918) – and the ushers/attendants at the wedding were uniformed girl scouts from her troop.

Fred C. Kerr would really like to know if anyone recognizes her.  To date, no one has. FYI – the picture appeared (courtesy of Kent Wrench) in the HH 2013-01 issue.