Nathan Cobb Hall (1796-1879) in the War of 1812

by Jerome Tew

Nathan Hall was the son of Barnabas and Penelope Bullard Hall. He was the brother of Pvt. Henry Hall who also served in the War of 1812. Nathan was born 1796 and died on Feb. 18, 1879. He had eleven brothers and sisters: William (1788), Henry (1792), Nathan (1796), Keziah, Jane, Raeford (1794), Rachel, Hester, Catherine, Allen, Tobias, and Matthew who are listed in a 1815 Sampson family deed. Nathan drew Lot 1 and 100 acres of land. Other brothers may have served in the War of 1812. William is not listed in this 1815 deed but was the administer of Barnabas’ estate. William had purchased 150 acres of land from Barnabas; he also lived next to Penelope Hall in 1820 just as Matthew did. William, Henry and Matthew are the three eldest sons. In 1822 Sampson court minutes others are listed: “Ordered Raeford Hall be overseer from Parker’s Bridge to the upper end of Bullard’s Narrows and that Nathan Hall, William Vann, John Owen, Timothy Underwood, Evan Faircloth, Green Faircloth, and William Hall work with the usual hands.” It is believed that the above Nathan Hall is not the son of Barnabas, this Nathan and his brother Henry moved to SC and to Florida.

Nathan served under Capt. David Evans from April 1814 to October 1814. Nathan was awarded eight dollars per month starting March, 1815. However he served as a substitute for Elbert Strickland from January 12, 1815 to March 10, 1815. It is unclear whether Nathan served longer is this capacity. Nathan likely was single when he entered into service but married soon afterwards in 1815 to possibly someone around Wilmington. In the affidavit below, Nathan is said to have a married daughter by 1832. At that time she was Eliza Jane Hall Locklear and was married to a Native American.
“I Elizabeth Ann Parrott, wife of John Parrott, deposed and say that I am 49 years of age. That my maiden name was Elizabeth Ann Rismer. That I was born in Sumter Co., SC. That at five years of age, I lived with Eliza Locklear, married daughter of Nathan C. Hall, by his first wife. That I know of the death of his first wife and his marriage to his 2nd wife but common reports from the neighborhood and conversations with children of his first wife. That I moved from SC to Volusia, FL 26 years ago and that Nathan C Hall moved from SC to Volusia, FL in the same year (1855). That ever since that time I have been a neighbor of this family and intimately acquainted. That Nathan C. Hall deceased on the 13th of February AD 1879. That Mrs. Anna Hall, his widow, is completely infirmed and has no property of any value. 15 April 1881”.

1850 US Census, Sumter SC
Nathan Hall M 50 North Carolina
Anna Hall F 40 South Carolina
Mary A Hall F 16 South Carolina
Lusissa Hall F 14 South Carolina
Martha Hall F 12 South Carolina
Margaret Hall F 6 South Carolina
Jane A Hall F 4 South Carolina
Amanda Hall F 2 South Carolina
Larsanza Hall F 1 South Carolina

Nathan married first Elizabeth Kinlaw in 1815. They moved to SC in 1817 and Elizabeth died August 1836. He married Anna Locklear on March 20, 1837. His daughter Mary Ann married William Turner where Nathan and Anna were listed in their household during the 1860 and 1870 census. Eliza Jane, oldest daughter of Nathan was born in NC in 1816 and married Abedriego Locklear in Sumter, Sc in 1832. Nathan married Abedriego’s sister, Anna Locklear after his first wife died. Jane A. Hall married George W. Peterson. Larsanza married Robert M. Cook.

Nathan Cobb Hall Signature

Nathan Cobb Hall Signature

Nathan Hall was not drafted and is not on any published list of soldiers from the War of 1812. However he did serve twice—in Capt. Evans Cumberland Company 23 from August 1813 to 19 January 1814 and as a sub in 1814 for Elbert Strickland in the 5th Sampson Company under Captain Thomas Boykin. There is over 280 pages Online about Nathan C. Hall. Nathan sold his 100 acres of the Barnabas Hall land in 1825. Anna Locklear Hall was born in 1813 applied on September 10, 1878 and received approval for a widow’s pension on Feb. 6, 1879 of twelve dollars per month. She died in 1896.

Nathan C. Hall-- Jan. 17, 1796- Feb. 18, 1879

Nathan C. Hall– Jan. 17, 1796- Feb. 18, 1879