U.S. Postage

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The United States Postal Service was established on September 22, 1789. But, it was 59 years later before they issued their first postage stamp.

North Carolina has held the spotlight in the Postal Service on several occasions over the years

On September 27, 1792, the first woman postmaster in the United States following the signing of the United States Constitution was Sarah Crow of Hertford, North Carolina. She was not only the first woman, but the only woman so appointed out of 195 postmasters for many years.

The first block of four stamps combining a single design was the Cape Hatteras National Seashore stamp issued on April 5, 1972 at Hatteras Island. It is still the only four-stamp block issued by the Postal Service. The first class rate was eight cents, and each of the four stamps were two cents each.

The first special cancellation of a “First Day Issue” stamp was the Virginia Dare Commemorative stamp, released on August 18, 1937 at Manteo, Dare County. The one-inch square blue five cent stamp was in honor of the 350th anniversary of Virginia Dare’s birth.