Isaac Strickland, Sr. – A Man of Mystery and 19 Children

By Jerome Tew

  1. Jacob Strickland 1752 – was a son of William and Sarah Strickland.
  2. Robert Strickland 1782 – is not a son of William Strickland. He was a son of John 1760.
  3. Both Jacob and Robert were deeded land by William Strickland.
  4. Only sons Jesse, Jacob, Isaac, Holly, John, Matthew, and Harmon are proven sons of William Strickland in deeds, but 1790c and 1800c indicate nine sons.
  5. Robert and Jacob are not on the Autry Strickland estate list for Isaac Sr.’s list of children. 26:319. Likely Jacob died or was out of touch.
  6. Robert Strickland 1782- died 1834 and is listed as an heir of John Strickland in deed 30:376. Therefore, John 1760- is a son of William Strickland 1725-. John died in 1830. I have John as marrying Isobel Smith.
  7. The youngest son of Jacob Strickland 1804 was named Harmon.
  8. Alexander Strickland moved to Charlotte NC and sold his 80 acres to John Strickland for 20 pds in 1801. (11:549)
  9. Jesse Strickland’s age is revealed in a 1777 deed to Nathaniel Crothers, not fully filed in Clinton until 1832. Jesse sold 100 acres that was patented by Jesse in 1769. This puts Jesse as being born by 1748 and likely the oldest child. If you take away 23 years from 1748 you get William born 1725 and not 1730. This is Sampson deed 20:90. This deed in listed in the 1785 court minutes, but Jesse does not show up in the US Census until 1820.
  10. William Strickland 1725-1808 and Sarah Holley 1730-1815, If Sarah is for sure a Holley then likely she connects to John Holley and Sarah Church. They were married about 1715 in Bertie Co. NC.

In 2009 I wrote an essay on this family and identified the family of William Strickland. Isaac was born 1766 and was a son of William and Sarah Strickland. William patented land in Sampson in 1782 and they lived south of the small road of Reindeer Road about 1.5 miles north of Piney Green. William patented 200 acres on that spot and they set about making a living in Sampson Co. NC. Absolom Strickland settled in Duplin near Kenansville in 1782 and there is no known connection. Wright Royal settled on a 150 acre tract next to William on his SE side. Wright was the uncle of Simon Royal who owned the 150 acre tract and in 1850 he built the house that Herman Royal was born in in 1935 and also Simon Claude Royal was born there in 1875. Not many people lived near the Stricklands until about 1800. Abraham Odom lived about a mile down the Hornet Swamp.

Here is my list of William 1725- and Sarah Strickland’s children. (Likely Sarah Holly)

  1. Jesse Strickland 1748-moved c1830 GA
  2. William Strickland 1750-18xx
  3. Jacob Strickland 1752-moved 1816
  4. Mathew Strickland 1754-moved
  5. Holly Strickland. 1756-1822. Will
  6. Mary Strickland* 1758-Gilbert
  7. John Strickland 1760-1830
  8. Harmon Strickland 1762-1812
  9. Pharabe Strickland 1764-
  10. Isaac Strickland 1766-

*Not confirmed

Most of these children were likely born in Bertie Co. NC. William, Holly, and John are documented RW soldiers.

Isaac Strickland purchased 110 acres from Nathaniel Williams of Timothy Quadrangle just north of Bearskin where William Strickland lived. Isaac paid 75 pounds for 110 acres and a fair price in those days. Nathaniel had lived where he was since 1762 and did Isaac also marry the daughter of Nathaniel. However, I say that Isaac’s wife was an Autry or Moore.

The following children were born to Isaac Strickland Sr. and his first wife. This family is listed in Sampson deed 26:319

  1. Anna Strickland Jackson 1804
  2. Daniel Strickland 1806
  3. Blackman Strickland 1808-GA-Ala
  4. Aaron Strickland 1810-1863
  5. Moore Strickland 1812
  6. Sarah Strickland Vann 1816
  7. Jonathan Strickland 1818
  8. Isaac Strickland Jr. 1820-1865
  9. Riley Strickland 1822-1840
  10. Autry Strickland 1824-1840

Isaac Strickland Sr. married 2nd Nancy Jackson
In 1825 and had a 2nd large family in 1850.

Isaac Strickland M 62 NC
Nancy Strickland F 49 NC
Elvy Strickland F 24 NC
Allen Strickland M 20 NC
Bedus Strickland F 19 NC
Jane Strickland F 17 NC
Penelope Strickland F 14 NC
Edney Strickland F 12 NC
Nancy Strickland F 10 NC
Jennetta Strickland F 7 NC
Isaac Strickland M 4 NC

William Strickland Deeds

  1. William to Harmon Strickland 10-132
    1792 gift of 200 acres
  2. William to Jacob Strickland 14-434
    1805 (40 pds for 100 acres wit. Isaac & Jesse Strickland)
  3. William to Robert Strickland 14-443-444
    1806 (30 pds for 100 acres: wit: Jesse, John, & Isaac)
  4. William to Jesse Strickland 14-473
    1806 (25 pds for 50 acres wit. Robert & John Strickland)
  5. William to Isaac Strickland 14-443
    1808 (70 pds for 110 acres wit. Jesse & Mathew Strickland)
  6. William to wife Sarah (Holly) Strickland 11-462-3
  7. William to Holly Strickland 8-399
    1787 ( 10 pds for 100a)
  8. William to Harmon Strickland 11-246
    1799 (to my son 50a)
  1. Jacob 1752- was not listed in any Sampson US Census. Jacob sold his 100 acres to Jesse Strickland in 1816 for 100 pds. He likely moved south. He is not listed in the 1848 family deed.
  2. Jesse Strickland 1748- married 1775 in Sampson __ __ and married 2nd Mrs. Betsy Lockerman bc1785 who had married 1st Odom Lockerman, he died 1807 and Betsy married 1808 2nd Jesse Strickland Sr. They moved to Early GA after 1830. Redding Strickland 1808- and Alexander Strickland of Early 1860 was their children. Betsy had three children by Odom and Jesse became their guardian. Noah Lockerman b1806 in NC and this Noah was in Early Co. GA in 1850, he was a child of Betsy and Odom. Jesse Sr. and Betsy are in Early 1840c. Jesse had Jesse Jr. by his first wife. Jesse was not listed in the early census.
  3. Isaac was married twice and had 19 children in Sampson. Nancy Jackson was wife #2.
  4. Holly Strickland died in 1822 in Sampson and left a Will. He had married Betsey Jackson in 1780 and had seven children. Holly was a RS.
  5. Harmon Strickland died in Sampson in 1812 and had a young large family. His widow named Mary. Jacob 1804 maybe his son.

This family is a bear to sort out. Robert above is a grandson of William. They are in these individual deeds, but are not in the family deed 26:319 as an heir of Autry Strickland. They are for sure grandsons of William Strickland who died in 1808 in Sampson Co. NC. Therefore it maybe possible to ID their father with some deep research. Robert is not posted in the US Census, except in 1850 Jacob is listed. Jacob may be a son of Harmon Strickland as the youngest son of Jacob was named Harmon. Robert married Keziah Tew about 1808 and Robert died about 1834. William Strickland was the administer of Robert’s estate and most likely his son.

Theophilus Strickland, about 30, was listed as dying in 1822 and his wife Mary had two small children. John Strickland Sr. is listed as administer of Theophilus’s estate and he is listed in the estate records as his father. His father John Sr. died in c1830.

Harmon Strickland, about 50, died in 1812 and left a large young family and a wife named Mary.

Thomas Strickland, about 65, died in 1819 and his widow was Mary Strickland. They had a large family.

The Strickland estate as listed in published Court Minutes tells a tale. First, Jeremiah Tew and Jesse Strickland came in to court in 1808 and ask for Administration of William Strickland’s estate. Jeremiah Tew married Rachel Holly and I believe that William Strickland married her close kin, Sarah Holly. Jesse Strickland was the son of William Strickland. The published Court Minutes list Mary as the widow. Mary is a typo and this should be Sarah. Most of these Stricklands that died in those days had the name Mary as a wife and this was a typo. William Strickland is not listed in the 1810 US Census.

In 1810c Thomas Strickland, about 55, Samuel Strickland, about 50, and John Strickland Jr., about 45 lived next to each other. These men are kin.

William Strickland 1801 deed to
Sarah Strickland

To all people to should come to know that I William Strickland of the county of Sampson and state of North Carolina send greetings and know you that I, the said William Strickland for and in consideration and for divers good causes and valuable consideration and heretofore having given and granted and by those present do give and grant and confirm to my beloved wife Sarah Strickland after my decease all and singular my goods and chattels and house hold stuff and all other goods that can be found during her life or widowhood. Except one feather bed and furniture and chest. Which I fully give to my beloved daughter Pharby Strickland from the date of these presents hence forward to use or display as the said Pharby Strickland pleases. And to her oldest daughter Amaca Strickland one feather bed and one two year old heifer, marked a cross and half on the left ear under slit on the same. And a smaller fork on the right ear. And to her daughter Edney the first heifer café that the foresaid heifer may have. And after my decrease the reminder of my estate to be divided as follows. And as I have several children whom I have given some property and others I have given but little. I desire the remainder of my property to be divided among my children who have had but little and bring all equal as much as possible.

John Strickland 1760- is not listed in the 1830 US Census but is documented as dead in 1833 in the estate record of Theophilus Strickland. His issue as I have is: The 1838 estate papers list six people to obtain a share of John’s estate. Evelina is listed in another deed. This estate record is online at FS.

  1. Alexander Strickland 1780-moved
  2. Robert Strickland 1782-1834
  3. Elizabeth Strickland 1785-1851
  4. John Strickland Jr. 1787-
  5. Theophilus Strickland 1790-
  6. William Strickland 1793-
  7. Evelina Strickland 1795-

See Deeds 30-376+ & 23-56
Evelina was a first wife of Elbert Strickland

Robert Strickland 1782-1834 married Keziah Tew, dau. Of Jeremiah Tew and Rachel Holley, and Robert’s issue as I have it:

  1. William Strickland 1811-
  2. Anna Jane Strickland 1813-
  3. Elizabeth Strickland 1815-
  4. Edwin Strickland 1817-
  5. John Strickland 1821-
  6. Ollen Strickland 1827-

Jacob Strickland 1804- married Jane Tew, their issue as I have. Jane 1806- is dau. of Daniel Tew and Sarah Gilbert.

  1. Martin 1829-
  2. Jennette 1835-
  3. Walter D. 1837-
  4. Mary Jane 1840-
  5. Sarah M. 1842-
  6. Fanny M. 1844-
  7. Molcy 1848-
  8. Harmon 1851-

Jesse Strickland Jr. 1786 – married 2nd 1818 Jennett Royal 1802- dau. Of Biggers Royal who died in 1817. They sold land in 1823 that had belonged to Biggers Royal. Biggers was a brother to Willis. Willis is the father of Noah Royal. See Sampson deed 19:324-6. Jesse had 5 young children in 1820 and most of these were from 1st wife. See deeds 19:324-325 and 24:305.

Alexander Strickland 1809- married 25 April 1837 Elizabeth Tew in Early Co. GA. Both were born in Sampson Co. NC. Alexander was the son of Jesse Sr. and Betsy/Elizabeth __ Lockerman Strickland. Issue:

  1. John Strickland 1838-
  2. Joel Strickland 1840-
  3. Redding Strickland 1842-
  4. William Strickland 1844-
  5. Nancy Strickland 1846-
  6. Mary Strickland 1848-
  7. Margaret Strickland 1840-
  8. Alexander Strickland 1842-
  9. Rachel Strickland 1844-
Tombstone of Redding Strickland, 50 years old, Georgia

Tombstone of Redding Strickland, 50 years old, Georgia

Redding Strickland 1808- was a brother to Alexander and his Georgia gravestone is on

I have learned years ago that records speak to you and if you listed with both ears…you can learn more.

In Sampson in 1850 there was a John A. Strickland age 33 living with his mom Elizabeth age 70 and sister age 25 and I thought that this lady must be a 2nd wife of John Strickland, John died in 1830. I found this 1852 Sampson deed 32:249-50 from Alexander Strickland of Early GA to John A. Strickland. Alexander sold John A. 47 acres of land in Sampson, but said that his mother Elizabeth was to have her life time rights on the land. I thought of this information a minute or two and then it hit me. Elizabeth Strickland age 70 was the widow of Jesse Strickland Sr. and she had moved back to Sampson Co. NC after Jesse Sr. died c1845. And that she was the Betsy who married Odom Lockerman in 1800 and she had three children named Lockerman. Jesse Sr. was 77 when his youngest daughter was born. Elizabeth was 45 when her daughter Elizabeth was born. John A. was the son of Jesse Sr. and Elizabeth and he was born 1817 in Sampson. Alexander 1809-, Redding, and John A. Strickland 1817- were brothers.

Fereby and Susanna Lockerman were the two Lockerman daughters of Elizabeth. Jacob Lockerman was their grandfather.

Early researchers found that Rachel Tew was the wife of Odom Lockerman and 2nd wife of Jesse Strickland Sr. I do not know the maiden name of Elizabeth, but she was the wife of Odom and Jesse Sr.

In 1850 Murray Co. GA US Census was another Alexander Strickland born 1808 in North Carolina. His wife was Sarah, also from NC. I know not how this man fits in.

Georgia head rights and land grants
Stricklands with no known connection

  1. Abraham 635 acres Tattnall 1850
  2. Aaron B. 640 acres Tattnall 1816
  3. Absalom 100 acres Elbert 1823
  4. Amcell 200 acres Madison 1812
  5. Barnabas 200 acres Franklin 1802
  6. David 25 acres Bulloch 1845
  7. Drewry 400 acres Jackson 1805
  8. Isaac 800 acres Madison 1800
  9. Elijah 550 acres Bryan 1850
  10. Elijah 150 acres Bulloch 1848
  11. Gadi 386 acres Tattnall 1834
  12. Hardy 1000 acres Johnson 1815
  13. Henry 150 acres Franklin 1789
  14. Henry 1000 acres Tattnall 1837
  15. Henry 200 acres Effingham 1824
  16. Humphrey 500 acres Wayne 1854
  17. James M. 75 acres MacIntosh 1823
  18. James M. 75 acres Bryan 1851
  19. James A. 200 acres MacIntosh
  20. James 550 acres Wayne 1828
  21. Jacob 400 acres Tattnall 1827
  22. Jacob 100 acres Madison 1827
  23. Jacob 67 acres Tattnall 1851
  24. John 100 acres Bryan 1836
  25. John 300 acres Bulloch 1847
  26. John 200 acres Tattnall 1816
  27. John 150 acres Bryan 1836
  28. Joel 250 acres Tattnall 1814
  29. Lewis 218 acres Tattnall 1814
  30. Obadiah 57 acres Tattnall 1843
  31. Peter 200 acres Bryan 1836
  32. Rachel 75 acres Tattnall 1850
  33. (AB)Rebecca 795 acres Tattnall 1852
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