Jackson: The Colonial Years in Sampson

By Jerome D. Tew

Introduction: This group of Jacksons has no known kinship to Louden and Haburn Jackson in the last HH. Also, Thomas B. Jackson in the last HH, his name likely was Thomas Bullard Jackson and not Thomas Ballard Jackson as listed. Many Jackson researchers listed this Jackson family as older than records indicate. The Thomas Jackson 1695-1751 will of Bertie County NC is dated 15 Mar 1746. Most of the Jackson families of Sampson descend from John Jackson Sr., John Jackson Jr., and William Jackson Sr. The early Asa Jackson also does not appear to be part of the Thomas Jackson family. The will of Thomas Jackson Sr. and his estate record, sets the ages of his children.

Thomas Jackson Sr. was most likely born in Boston MASS. Thomas Jackson could also have immigrated about 1720 and brother Jeremiah Jackson, a cooper, remained in Boston and Thomas moved down to south Maryland and then moved on to Bertie Co. NC about 1730. Sister Hannah Nixon is not located. Stepdaughter Elizabeth Hammond married James Griffin. Estate records show Thomas Jackson Jr. to be 16 years old in 1752. There was a Thomas Jackson who immigrated to Boston in 1690. We cannot tell if this man was connected to Thomas Jackson of Bertie Co. or not. There was in NC a Jeremiah Jackson who died in the RW. I do not know if this was the son of Thomas Jackson Sr. or not. James Jackson was not tracked. There was also a RS Frederick Jackson who died. He could have been the son of Thomas Jackson Jr., but we do not know for sure.

Wife Hester Jackson (1710-1760)—land and one third of the issues and profits of my plantation where I now live, from the ferry thereunto belonging, also lend her one third of the plantation I bought of Richard Martin for her lifetime, and the other two-thirds and the ferry are to be laid out for educating and clothing and maintaining my children until they are fourteen and as they arrive at that age, they shall have no more right to the two-thirds. (Note: in 1746 Thomas Jackson Jr. was only 10 years old.)

Son Thomas Jackson (1736) all the plantation known as Mount Garrot, together with my ferry and the land contiguous to it know as Castellaw’s folly, when he is twenty-one or sooner if his mother dies.

We can only guess at what was Castellaw’s folly. I think one of the Castellaw men was a surveyor. He could have surveyed a track of land with incorrect bearings and this would be known in a very public way.

Son John Jackson (1738) the plantation in Northampton County, which I hold by deed from executors of Isaac Lewis, dec’d,

Son William Jackson (1740) plantation I bought of Richard Martin when he is twenty-one or sooner if his mother dies.

Son James Jackson (1742-200 acres) land in Bertie County, which I bought of Thomas Yates Jr.

Wife’s daughter: Elizabeth Hammond Griffin. Bed, cows, etc, at the day of her marriage and she shall have an equal share of schooling and clothing as my children.

Wife – beds, stock etc. My executor is to bring suite against the heirs of Robert Cayton Esq., dec’d for a bond passed for warranting a piece of land to me in Maryland in Somerset County, as conveyed to me by said Cayton. This suite is to be carried forth unless the heirs of Cayton give a deed to my elder son. The balance due me from the Bertie Court for repairing the warehouse is to be used to pay my debts. My Negros Bristoe and Deshady are to be sold and proceeds used to purchase a Negro wench and boy for my wife’s use during her lifetime. My executors shall bind out my sons as they arrive at the age of fourteen to ingenious workmen of different trades.

Remaining estate, after debts, to be divided among my sons, and if any of them die without issue, the survivors will inherit that share, and if all shall die, Elizabeth Hammond Griffin shall inherit one-third and the other two-thirds shall go to my brother Jeremiah Jackson, dec’d cooper of Boston, MASS, and if no such heirs can be found, I will the two-thirds to my sister Hannah Nixon.

Exes: Wife, John Brown, son of Dr. James Brown dec’d. CC Benjamin Wynn

Witnesses: Wm Power, Jas X Griffin, Betty X Griffin, Cathern X Conner

Codicil: 9 April 1749:

Another Child has been born into the family. Son Thomas Jackson, Plantation where I now live, know as Castellaw’s folly. Son William, land I bought of Richard Martin. Son John, land I bought of Mrs. Isaac Lewis, Son James, land I bought of Thomas Yates Jr., Son Jeremiah Jackson (1747 100 acres), land that I bought or Samuel Ormes.

Jeremiah Jackson is not found for sure after this date. However, a Jeremiah Jackson died in the Revolutionary War. This likely was him. Jeremiah would have been only 14 when his brothers moved to Duplin in 1761 and likely he stayed in Bertie with his mom. There is no Jeremiah Jackson listed on any published state tax list.

Thomas Jackson Sr. married 1735 Mrs. Hester Hammond, the widow of Clement Hammond. Clement died about 1734. Thomas Jackson Sr. died 1751.

Thomas Jackson proved his Rights in 1743 with 7 whites and 3 Blacks. This count included Elizabeth Hammond. He also had an Ordinary in his home.

I believe that the above sons John Jackson, Thomas Jackson, and William Jackson moved to Duplin c1761 and were John Jackson Sr. and William Jackson Sr. of Sampson Co. The above son Thomas Jackson moved to Craven, Duplin near Wallace, and then moved to Bladen/Robeson Co.

Thomas Jackson Sr. patented land in Bertie Co. in 1737 and 1739. Thomas Jackson Jr. Married Mary___1758, moved to Craven Co. NC and sold his 331 acres of land in Bertie for 66 pounds in 1759, he then patented land, near Wallace, in Duplin in 1761, 1762, and 1764 and moved there. He moved to Bladen in 1765 and patented land in Bladen in 1768. An “English“ Thomas Jackson patent Bladen land in 1770. This man likely not connected.

These Jacksons were in Robeson Co. when it was formed in 1787. Thomas Jr. was born about 1736. Thomas Jackson III was born about 1761 in Duplin Co. NC. Bladen and Robeson Co. NC had a CH fire and most records are lost.

JOHN JACKSON Sr. c1738-1801 SON OF Thomas JACKSON Sr. of Bertie Co. NC. reportedly Married Sallie JANE Bass CM2-14 D11-54

John Jackson patented land in Duplin, later Sampson, in 1761, 1767, 1768, 1769, and 1784. This 600 acres of land was mostly near the Little Coharie Creek.

John “Little” Jackson patented in 1779 100 acres of land near the Little Coharie Creek. The ID this man is not firm. This John would have been born by 1758. Most likely this John “Little” Jackson was the son of Thomas Jackson Jr. 1736 and lived with his father until about 1779 when he patented land in the western part of Duplin with his cousins near the Little Coharie Creek. He was for sure part of the family. He also moved to Bladen in 1785 and in 1788 sold his Sampson land to Nathan Jackson.

A 1773 deed from John Jackson (Sr.) to William Jackson, 10 Pds for 100 acres. D3-530 Wit. John Porter, Joel Joyner, and Joseph Rhodes.

Using the 21 year rule, this William Jackson would have to be born by 1752 and this William Jackson has to be the son of Thomas Jackson Sr. and was born in Bertie. This same William Jackson patented 200 acres near the Little Coharie Creek in 1779. This William Jackson was born 1740 and was a brother of John Jackson Sr. 1738.

JACKSON ESTATE: John Jackson Jr. came into court and prayed administration on the estate of John Jackson Sr., dec’d, which was granted. Ordered he enter into bond of 100 pounds. His security was Alexander McPhail.

Ordered that Osborn Holley, William Layton Jr. and Nathan Godwin be a committee to lay off to Jane Jackson, the widow, her provision for one year agreeable to law, and that Sherrod Holley, Esquire, attend and qualify the members of the committee as the law directs. 12 MAY 1801, Tuesday, Sampson Court minutes (Martha Jane Bass)

Issue of John Jackson Sr.: 1738-1801

1. John Jackson Jr. 1759-1831 CM1-57 (1787) D20-254 Will
2. Archibald Jackson 1761-1796 D5-183 CM1-239
3. Lewis Jackson 1763-1823 D11-54, D9-205, D8-466 Will
4. Nancy Jackson 1765-18xx m: Enoch Hall of Robeson Co.
5. Fredrick Jackson 1767-c1805

The 1803 John Jackson Sr. estate records in Raleigh show only the above children as children of John Jackson Sr. Archibald Jackson served in the RW and was murdered in 1796.

A 1777 deed from John Jackson (Sr.) to Archibald Jackson 20 Pds for 100 acres. D5-183 Wit. William Odom, Anne Ryal, and Dinah Odom.

A 1784 deed from John Jackson Sr., to John Jackson Jr., was proved in open court and ordered registered. 1787CM, It was recorded in 1832 in deed book 20-254. 20pds for 100a. Wit. Lewis Jackson and William Odom.

A 1798 deed from John Jackson Sr. to Richard Jackson 50 Pds for 450 acres. D11-107 Wit. Lewis Jackson, Sethey (FM) Mobley.

A 1798 deed from Lewis Jackson to John Jackson Sr.
50 Pds for 200 acres D11-54 Wit. Alex Mobley, Benjamin Harris

1784-5 Sampson Tax List
JACKSON Archibald 100-1-0
JACKSON George 100-1-0
JACKSON John(Little) 400-1-1
JACKSON John Jr. 200-1-0
JACKSON John Sr. 200-2-0
JACKSON Lewis 0-1-0
JACKSON Nathan 100-1-0
JACKSON Seth 0-1-0
JACKSON William 300-1-0

The Thomas Jackson of early Duplin sold out and moved on to Bladen in 1765. He was in Robeson Co. when it was created in 1787.

A 1764 deed from Thomas Jackson Jr. to Robert Warren 10 Pds for 150 acres. D1-47 Wit. Jacob Millard and James Warren.

A 1765 deed from Thomas Jackson Jr. to Robert Warren 20 Pds for 266 acres. D1-46 Wit. John Sullivan, William Blizzard, and George Kornegay.

Edward Jackson applied for a patent of 320 acres in 1778 on the West side of the Great Coharie Creek. It was awarded in 1780. Edward would have been born by 1757. Edward then sold his land to Gabriel Holmes and moved south. There was an early Edward Jackson in Bertie, but no connection is known.

A 1798 deed from John Jackson Sr. to Richard Jackson 50 Pds for 450 acres. D11-107/8 Wit. Lewis Jackson and Sethey Mobley. This was John Jackson Sr. There was a Richard and Sarah Jackson in 1725 Bertie. No known connection. There was also a William Strickland then in Bertie.

A 1799 deed from Richard Jackson to Holly Strickland. 20 Pds for 100 acres D11-536 Wit. Perrygreen Johnston, Lucretia Bass. Holly’s wife Betsey, likely a Jackson.

A 1788 deed from John Jackson “Little” of Bladen to Nathan Jackson 20 + 50 Pds for 300 acres. D9-6 and D9-13 Wit. John Ryall, Young Ryall, and Perrygreen Johnston.

An 1802 deed from John Jackson Jr. to Allen Jackson 100 Pds for 300 acres. D12-348 Wit. Warren Jackson and Maurice Holly.

An 1812 deed John Jackson Jr. to Allen Jackson $200 for 50 acres, 100 acres, and 140 acres. D17-70 Wit. Willis Reynolds and John Royal.

John Jackson Jr. 1st wife xxxxx Warren
a. Allen Jackson 1781-1847 D12-348, D17-70
b. James Jackson 1783-1825W
c. Warren Jackson 1785-1825 1810c

I believe that John Jackson Jr. had at least three sons by his first wife who died about 1800. I am sure of Allen Jackson 1781- and Warren Jackson 1785- as sons of John Jackson Jr. I am not so positive about James Jackson 1783-. The only deed connection is as a witness. The names of children indicate that this connection is correct.

2. JOHN JACKSON JR. 1759-1831 MD2:1805 ELIZABETH TEW 1785-1845 D12-218 D12-204 D12-348 1779 Land Patent WILL

1.JAMES JACKSON 1807-1865 MD. MARY HAYES 1810-
4.JEREMIAH JACKSON 1848- MD. Elizabeth Carter

2.RACHEL JACKSON 1809-1850 MD: JOHN TEW 1806-1850+
1. SALLY TEW 1833-18XX
2. JOHN TEW 1838-
3. NANCY TEW 1840-
4. JENNET TEW 1841-
6. JACKSON TEW 1844-
7. JESSE TEW 1846-

3. MARY JACKSON 1811-1847 MD:EDWARD HOLLY 1810-185+
3. JOHN HOLLY 1838-
5. JAMES HOLLY 1842-

4.MARTHA JACKSON 1813-1846 MD:

An 1803 deed from William Jackson Jr. to Nathan Jackson 11 Pds for 100 acres. D12 page 174 Wit. Solomon Sessoms & Abraham Daughtry.

The 1820 US Census list two men named James Jackson. The oldest 1773 has to be the youngest son of William Jackson Sr. and his first wife. The other 1783 has to be the son of John Jackson Jr. and his wife named Warren. The above named James Jackson lived next to his father William Jackson Sr. in 1820. The James Jackson that died in 1825 was the son of John Jackson Jr.

MD. c1805 AMY ________1785-1855 1825 SAMPSON WILL


The above Lewis Jackson married a Martha ___ and moved to Johnston Co. NC before 1810. He only list sons James and Jordan Jackson in his 1825 Will but according to the US Census, he had more children.

Son of John Jackson Jr. 1759-1831
ALLEN JACKSON 1781-1847 D12-348 MD: Barbara Beaman ISSUE:D23-480
1. WILLIAM C. JACKSON 1832-1860+ MD: Mary Royal ——- 1837-
2. WILEY C. JACKSON 1834-19 D25-457 D25-45716 MD: NANCY J. TEW 1839-1901
3. JOHN ALLEN JACKSON 1836-1860+
4. BALLARD JACKSON 1838-1860+ MD:1860 MARY E. ROYAL 1844
5. OLLEN M. JACKSON 1840-1860+
6. MARY I. JACKSON 1842-1860+
7. FOUNTAIN JACKSON 1844-1860+
8. CHELLY JACKSON 1849-1860+

B. DANIEL JACKSON 1809-1860+ MD:SUSAN A. ROYAL 1808- D23-417 D25-457 BIGGERS ROYAL
1. ANNA JACKSON 1834-1860+
2. MARY E. JACKSON 1836-1860+
3. MARSHAL O. JACKSON 1838-1860+
4. RUFUS A. JACKSON 1840-1860+
5. BRYAN B. JACKSON 1841-1860+
6. BRANSON B. JACKSON 1842-1862
7. ALLOMAN T. JACKSON 1844-1923

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