Edmond Godwin 1791-1876 In War of 1812

By Jerome Tew

Edmond Godwin was the son of Edmond Godwin 1724-1797 of Johnston Co. NC and Edmond Sr. was the son of James 1697 and Mary Parker Godwin. Edmond was born 1791 and died 1876. Edmond was an orphan at about six years and may have lived with kin in Sampson and also Johnston County. He and brother, Theophilus were given his dad’s land in Edmond Sr.’s Johnston Co. will in 1797.Edmond married Sarah Holley 12 May 1817 and they were married at the home of her dad, James Holley in Sampson. James was a RW soldier and wrote his will in 1824 which did not identify anyone in his large family. He had 300 acres in his estate and it is not known who got it. Sarah was born about 1790 and died after 1872 in Johnston Co., NC.

Edmond enlisted at Clinton under George Lassiter on 25 August 1813, and was sent to Fort Johnston and mustered out 24 January 1814 by Col. David Evans. He served five months in the War of 1812. He served some under Thomas Boykin. Edmond is listed on published roster as Edmond Goodwin as well as Granberry Goodwin and William Goodwin. All should be Godwin. In the application of William Godwin or William Goodwin both spellings were used and all were confused about his real name. In the case of Edmond Godwin, some papers are missing or Edmond got no pension. He was to get one in 1872, but there is no proof that he did draw a pension. Sarah Holley Godwin is not listed on any form after 1872. No death date is listed in his pension papers proof that Edmond Godwin served five months. His death date is listed on Find A Grave. Edmond and Sarah Godwin moved to Johnston Co. about 1855 and died there after 1870. The summary card on Edmond Godwin is listed as “Canceled”, did the pension people get confused on the name…in 1872 and stopped everything….I do not know. There is one child of Edmond is listed as Hezekiah, b1820. They lived in Sampson in 1840 and 1850. Hezekiah died in 1868 and never married.