DNA and Nathan Hall

by Peggy Hall

I am writing to you about new information that has been discovered pertaining to this article.  I am a descendant of Barnabas Hall.  My male first cousin was tested through family tree maker, and our DNA has been on file for a few years. After the article in the HH in July 2015, a direct male descendant of Nathan Cobb Hall from SC agreed to test also.  His results came back this week, and to our surprise his DNA matched another Hall family, not Barnabas Hall’s family.  This would indicate that there were at least two Hall families in Sampson Co in the early 1800’s.

I thought this information might be of interest to your readers.  We are still searching for Nathan Hall, son of Barnabas, if anyone has information on his line.

Thanking you for the enjoyable Huckleberry Historian! We always look forward to the next issue.