News From Our Officers

The Sampson County Historical Society officers are elected for two year terms. New officers will be elected for the 2017-2018 term in January. If you are interested in holding an office, please get in touch with any of the officers so your name can be considered. This includes all offices as well as editor of the newsletter. We also are in desperate need of someone who can help manage our website and online sales which we generate from it. This person needs to be someone who is well versed with technology and has knowledge of ecommerce. Rachel has been and hopefully will continue to help us in this area but she needs someone to help her keep up with the website itself. Please think about these possibilities and volunteer!

The Sampson County Historical Society has two projects that we need your help to get started. The first is our Scholarship Committee and we need volunteers who will serve on this committee to establish the scholarship. Sampson County students have needs to continue their education at the college level and our group could help provide support. Please get in touch with Phillip or any of the officers to become a part of the scholarship committee.

The other project is the Living History project for Sampson County. The interviews that can be collected for Sampson County History would be an invaluable asset for future generations. If you are interested in this, please get in touch with Joel Rose or Debra Westbrook.