Herring Cemetery

Located across the street from the now defunct Clear Run High School on Highway 411, the Herring cemetery was started in 1911.

Only four are buried in the cemetery. They are William Enoch Herring (1837-1911), his wife Agnes Ann Anders Herring (1843-1928), Ivey Duella Herring (1869-1911), and Ruby Gordon Herring (1911-1918). Ivey is the first wife of William and Agnes’ oldest son Henry King Herring. She died after suffering from breast cancer for seven years. Ruby died of pernicious anemia, just before her 7th birthday. Ruby is the first child of William and Agnes’ last child Lelon Gordon Herring and his wife Elizabeth Jane Innis Herring.

William Enoch Herring’s great grandfather Richard Herring operated one of North Carolina’s six Revolutionary War gun factories, before it was destroyed by British General Cornwallis’ troops in 1781. The factory was located about ten miles from this cemetery. William’s grandfather Enoch Herring was a Sampson County surveyor and owner and operator of a retail shop located on the Black River at Clear Run. The building still stands today. Country and blue grass music is played in it, generally every last Saturday of each month.

William’s wife Agnes is descended from Mayflower passenger Stephen Hopkins, 1759 Battle of Quebec veteran Duncan King, and Black River Presbyterian Church elder and battle of Moore’s Creek veteran Lieutenant John Anders.

William owned the cemetery property plus 280 acres of farming property prior to his death. He had donated one acre for the construction of the Center Missionary Baptist. The church still stands today and is located just west of Clear Run on Highway 411. William and Agnes had 9 children. Seven lived to adulthood. All but one child moved from the area within 10 years of William’s passing. No descendant lives on his property today. William’s small cemetery and sliver of land behind the cemetery is currently owned by his descendants.

The Herring family is grateful to have Larry and Flossie Ellis living next door to the cemetery. Larry is pictured in the photo below. He and Flossie have been faithfully helping the family care for the gravesites, especially after hurricanes.

Larry Flossie