From the Editor:

Finishing this edition of the HH, brings to mind many ideas for future newsletters. I still would like any cemetery stories that you have not sent to me. I am still processing a few and look forward to hearing yours. I would like for you to consider writing about your family, their traditions, your special memories of those long ago. Recipes, special occasions would be great future editions. I also would love to hear from those of you who have had roadblocks in your family history search… the great mysteries of your family.

Other possibilities that come to mind are histories of churches or organizations which have been or were in Sampson County… such as the Grange, 4-H and others which may no longer be in operation. Please contribute… long or short articles for our newsletter. If you are able to use a computer, email me your stories and pictures. If they are typed or handwritten, please send to me as soon as possible for processing. My contact information is on the back page. I look forward to hearing from you!