Sanders Fisher 1793-1875

In War of 1812

Sanders Fisher was born 1793 to John 1764-1829 and Catherine Elizabeth Fisher and was a gs of Phebe and Southy Fisher1733-1801. Sanders was married by John Tew 10 July 1813 to Sophia Butler 1793, a daughter of Capt. James Butler. Sanders lived near Owensville, now Roseboro NC. He was born in the Bonnetsville area of Sampson. He was 5’ 9” tall and enlisted 10 days after getting married. Sophia was born in the Bearskin part of Sampson. Sanders got 400 acres of land from his dad, John’s 1819 will. John is listed in Sampson court minutes as dying in 1929.

Sanders enlisted as a private for six months under Captain Thomas Boykin on 20 July 1813 and got sick at Fort Johnston in late August and after 15 days he got Solomon Faircloth of Sampson to complete his service time. Solomon was born about 1780 and is not listed on the unit roster. Sanders died 27 May 1875. In part of the his papers, Sanders is listed as dying in 1876. The correct year is 1875.

Due to this short period of service, it appears that Sanders did not get a land grant for service nor did he get a War of 1812 pension. His application was rejected in 1872 as he was short of the two month time limit for service. Sanders was then living in Dismal part of Sampson. However, after he died in 1875, he widow Sophia was able to get both, including $8 per month pension.

However, Sophia Fisher was not too pleased with her help. In 1880, Minson McLamb was acting as her agent and he wanted half of her pension and also any certificates from the government. Sophia rightly declined to go along with that deal. Minson McLamb’s wife was Elizabeth Fisher and no doubt there was a family connection.

On 4 November 1875 the family and heirs of Sanders drew lots for Sanders land. Ten drew lots. See Sampson deed book 64 page 479.

  1. Penelope Sessoms
  2. Mary Sessoms
  3. Sabra Sessoms
  4. John H. Fisher
  5. Margaret Bedsole
  6. Kate Faircloth
  7. Eliza Fisher
  8. Charlotte Fisher Faircloth
  9. Casey Faircloth
  10. Sophia Tanner

Each of these children got 20 to 70 acres of land valued at about $100 each. Some of this land was next to the South River. Near all of these children can easily be located in the US Census. In the 1850 US Census, three males are listed, namely: Willian 1832, Raiford 1835, and Alexander 1839.

None of these were listed as heirs. Alexander died in the Civil War, I do not know about the others.

John Henry Fisher also served in the CW.

The history of the Fisher family in NC is not well documented. The history of this family goes back to Accomack Co. VA and the estate of John Fisher in 1744. His wife was named Elizabeth and her children are listed as Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Anna, Spencer, Solomon, and Bailey. The family of Southy Fisher in the RW Soldiers of Sampson and Duplin Book, has errors. I have three sons of Southy Fisher as Elijah 1755, John 1764, and Thomas 1776. I think that Bailey Fisher was a brother of Southy Fisher. Both Bailey and Southy had a son named Elijah.

Elijah, son of Southy, sold out in Sampson and moved to Cumberland Co. NC. He had married Elizabeth Parker. They had son named Parker born in 1794 and on 21 July 1808 Elijah was shot dead at close range and Parker was arrested for murder. Parker was found not guilty. Elijah, son of Bailey, married Eliza Dees. He lived in KY in 1810 and died in MS in 1838.
John Fisher 1764-1829 wrote his will in Sampson in 1819. His wife was named Catherine. His children are listed as John, Ralph, Sally, Phebe, Penny, Elijah, Sanders 1793, His brother Thomas 1776 is listed in John’s will. Thomas died in 1861.