Amy Ann Harper and Her Sampson County Roots

Amy Harper

The wife of John Harper, the daughter of James Woodard, Amy Ann Harper lies buried in the Harper Family cemetery on the Bentonville Battlefield site. Amy Ann Harper lived her adult life on the Harper farm in southern Johnston County. She also lived in upper Sampson County as her parents, James Woodard and Amy Faulkner Woodard were living in Sampson County in the early 1800’s.

James is found in the 1820 Census of Sampson County. At this time, Amy Ann and her sister, Martha Jane were young girls. In 1819, Amy Ann Faulkner Woodard had been given 100 acres in Wayne County from her father, Robert Faulkner’s estate. In 1821, the couple sold the land in Wayne County of a Joseph Everett. James Woodard’s will was written in 1831 where he gave sums of money and household goods to children, Issac, Catharine, William and Rachel who were children from his first wife, Rachel Bizzell. To his wife, Amy Ann F. Woodard, he gives her land and household goods. These items will then be given to his two daughters, Martha Jane and Amy Ann. James had been married twice and Amy Ann Faulkner was his second wife with these girls, Martha and Amy Ann were the children from this marriage.

James died during the year of 1840 but his wife, Amy Ann Woodard, lives on in upper Sampson County with her other daughter, Martha Jane who by that time had married James Ransom Keen. Amy Ann Woodard lives with them until her death in 1864. Martha Jane, Amy Ann’s sister dies in 1866. Amy Ann had married John Harper and lived in the southern end of Johnston County. She was a housewife and mother when the battle between Sherman and Johnston took place on March 19 – 21, 1865. Amy Ann Harper lived until 1900 when she died in Harnett County where she had been living with one of her children.