From the Editor:

Happy New Year! January is a time for new beginnings and new projects for us all. As we start this new year, let us make some time to help preserve our family history and the history of Sampson County. We need to continue to research our past and we need to record our findings. We need to make copies of old pictures and label them, make copies of old Bible records and share them with other members of our family as well as share them with our county’s library and museum.

Sampson County is a big county with history in every corner. Please remember to make pictures of old buildings to preserve the memories of where they were. As the environment and human construction happen, old buildings with historical significance are leaving our landscape. With Facebook and other social media platforms, we are able to share our information, our pictures with others easily. In earlier issues I have mentioned the idea of taping older people about their lives and times. Not only would this be a keepsake for you but for others in generations to come.

Another aspect of preservation is our historical society itself. When possible attend the meetings which most of us do. Volunteer to help in ways you have not before. We need everyone to make our group a continued success as Nadine Strickland said in her talk in October. I also would encourage you to write articles for the newsletter. You could write about a family member, your family in general, a landmark in your community, an event from long ago, a school or church or other organization. You could even write about your traditions of the past from childhood pursuits to old recipes nearly forgotten. The list is endless. Please help preserve our county’s stories through the newsletter. I look forward to hearing from you.