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By now you have I’m sure realize that I collect everything I can get my hand on. I love collecting items of North Carolina interest. Books, pictures, old newspapers and magazines and etc. In cleaning off one of the shelves in my library I ran across a little booklet which was published in 1925. Here are some of the tidbits that were published.

Irish potatoes, tobacco and scuppernong grapes were first found growing on Roanoke Island, N.C. North Carolina was the first colony to ship tobacco and potatoes to England.

Patillo‘s Geographical Catechism, said to be the first text-book written in America, by Dr. Henry Patillo, the noted preacher/teacher, who operated “Granville Hall,” an incorporated school, 1765-1801 in Granville County, North Carolina. Only two original copies exist today.

The first liberty bell used in America was used by the Regulators in North Carolina to call their forces together. The bell is now owned by Dr. Long in Alamance County.

The manufacturers of electric light globes are dependent, entirely, the whole world over, for success upon a certain sand which is a component of the filament, which sand is found only in North Carolina.

Clinton, North Carolina is the largest shipper of huckleberries and green corn. Sampson County has more canning clubs of any county in the South.