From the Editor:

This edition of the Huckleberry Historian contains a memoir of my mama’s elementary school years at Clement Union School back in the early 1930’s. This brings to mind the thought that others might want to share their accounts of school life in Sampson County over the years. If you would like to write about your school life, that would be great. Integration, World War II rations, and other historically significant time periods could be insightful and historical articles. Don’t hesitate to share and send them to or mail to Debra Westbrook, 288 Battlefield Road, Four Oaks, NC 27524.

On another note, at the end of this year, officers will be elected for new terms. If you are interested in an office and in serving this group, please let one of the current officers know your interest. New people are welcome and we would love let others take a turn in being a part of the internal workings of this organization. Each of us will be glad to answer questions about our jobs and to help ease you into an office. You will be glad you volunteered!

Don’t forget our books that are for sale and our maps too! If you need a gift for someone, why not the gift of our Sampson County history? I know that I have treasured over the years those that I have received. I know there is much research online these days but it is a pleasure to have paper copies of things. Consider these and get in touch with Nadine Strickland for how to order.