Possible Connections with Each Other

Years ago (back in the 1990’s) I joined the Sampson County Historical Society. I always looked forward to receiving the Huckleberry Historian in my mailbox. It was like a present with stories which gave me more information about events in Sampson County, people in Sampson County, and especially when these stories gave me information about my families which I was researching. This was before the extensive use of computers and definitely, before Ancestry or Family Search or other search engines were used. One of the features of this newsletter that was best was the Queries section which allowed people to connect with each other in finding more information about families they were researching.

Today we have so much access to research online and the Query section has gone away from our newsletter but I would like to see it resurrected. Please send me your family search questions to debrabwestbrook@gmail.com to put in the newsletter. Try to be as specific as possible so other researchers can connect with you and share information. Hopefully, you will find new friends and cousins along the way!

Query #1: Searching for more information on Jenkins Bass (born in upper Sampson County around 1802) and his wife, Colin (Coleen?) Dudley (born around 1806). Jenkins died around 1865 and Colin Dudley Bass died in the 1870’s. Learning more about their parents would be appreciated. Send info to debrabwestbrook@gmail.com or call 919 934-4099.

Query #2: Searching for more information about Gardner Keen or his wife, Ridley Keen. Gardner was a soldier in the records of the War of 1812 and, according to family Bible records is the father of James Ransom Keen (1818 to 1890) who lived in upper Sampson County. Also interested in Wiley Keen who lived in Sampson and moved to Wayne County after the Civil War. Send info to debrabwestbrook@gmail.com or call 919 934-4099.