Micki Cottle

From the Author Micki Cottle

You’re going to love these stories, or, they might put you to sleep!

I started fiddling around with words when I was so young.

I was born in Navy Hospital in Quantico, Va. My dad was a 32 yr. Marine.

That was the only life I knew, and I loved it! It was not until I married that I discovered gardens, and children. I was an only child, certainly couldn’t cook. As I remember we all survived on Kraft’s macaroni and cheese-mixes. But, we survived! My husband Daniel learned to eat anything; (Bless him). And after about 10 years he quit complaining or went to his mother’s. (I went with him!) Granny could cook grass and it would taste good! Once I canned beets. Nobody told me not to cut the roots while cooking. Da, da! White beets! Red food coloring was the answer for this calamity. Although, as I remember I won a prize for my perfection. From then on everything shifted into fifth gear. Only grandma knew my secret and she kept it forever. I kept that “Cat ate the canary look”for a few weeks until I went on to better things like diaper changing.

 Life was and still is good. Today I have lots of grandchildren and strangely they all like macaroni and cheese, and stories, and no beets. And I agree and take their requests right to heart!

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